Solar MPPT charge controller 20A 12V to 65A 96V to 100A 392V are not only available here but best choice if you want to prolong your batteries life and use your solar panels at their max capacity! 

Solar charge controllers are specified by both amperage and voltage. You will need one that can support the voltage of your solar panels array(s), and then output to the battery bank's voltage (usually 12/24/48Vdc, or bigger). And, make sure the solar charge controller has enough capacity to handle the current (in amps) from your solar panels array(s). Take the wattage of your solar panels and divide it by the battery bank's voltage to get a rough estimate of how many amps the controller needs.

Another Way to Size a Charge Controller
The basic formula for sizing one is to take the short circuit current (Isc) of the array and multiply it by 1.56. Be sure that the solar controller you select can handle at least that many amps.

Be sure to protect this important part of your system with appropriate overcurrent protection before and after the solar charge controller.

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