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Founded by experienced engineers from ABB, Emerson, COHEART POWER has devoted herself to the green power step by step. 

The founders set “Make Green Power Popular” as our simple & practical direction. From first On Grid tie solar inverter, to all kinds of solar PV inverters, hybrid inverters, solar pump inverters, and charge controllers, COHEART POWER is dedicated herself to R&D manufacturing with the Eco-green, Hi-efficient concepts, heart and soul!

We realized system concept is very important even we make kinds of solar inverters which are core of solar power systems, so COHEART POWER set brand-new system Cooperation models and the solar store to help solar PV systems configuration making most power generation and longer lifetime! 

With the faiths and cooperation spirits, COHEART POWER adopt positive effective managements on R&D, supply chain, manufacturing to make our products solar inverters, charge controllers or solar pump inverters or whole system to be cost-effective & affordable for worldwide population! 

Open Source Block-chain R&D CoHeat inverter
We bring in Seim-OpenSource R&D mode to expand wide cooperation, more of R&D

CoHeart solar inverter Quality Control
Real Quality from on-site reality, find more of our Quality Control of our inverters &external goods

The name COHEART is from an innovated translation of Confucius' word:
Csounds like Chinese Ke, means Sciences & Technologies, implying COHEART put sciences and technologies as a key point of the enterprise. Not only in the R&D, but also manufacturing of solar inverter, pump inverter, MPPT charge controller, and Sales Methods, Services System, even tiny operation. We inject the spirit to all work.

HEART is a meaning translation of Confucius' core thought, Ren. You could consider it as benevolence, but far far more than benevolence...It asks COHEART to chase new energy careers heart and soul.