MPPT Charge Controller 55A at selectable 48V/60V/72V/96V(max input 24A) is with real MPPT(Max power point tracking, range 75-240V) technology by special Hall sensor circuit to track max solar power from solar panels, MPPT technology is necessary for any solar PV systems over 200Watts today! The controller actually detects the optimum operating voltage and amperage of the solar panel array and match that with the battery bank. The result is additional 15-35% more power out of your solar array versus a PWM solar controller. Although the MPPT solar charge controller is more expensive than its PWM counterpart, it is generally worth the investment for any solar electric system over 200 watts. 

It is also built-in replaceable fuses, smart fan cooling to continue full power output all day without derating! Very robust even in Africa desert area! Wide solar panels input voltage 75-240V! Now WiFi version is available to monitor your charger and system by or phone APP! DC loading & control function is optional to supply your DC 48V/60V/72V/96V appliances directly by the charger!

MPPT charger Features
• Real MPPT at efficiency 99.9%
• Max. Efficiency of 97.5%
• Patented Program to avoid puncture of Li battery protection PCBA*
• Multi-Stage charging with PWM output
• TFT colorful display,optional WiFi+APP
• Smart replaceable Fans cooling
• Full power output up to 55 ℃
• Acid-lead GEL,AGM,VRLA ,OPzV& Li-ion battery settable
Settable floating/stop/recover voltage values
Replaceable Fuses to long life
• Optional DC Loading Control function

solar panel charger Protections
• PV array short circuit
• Over discharging
• Over charging
• Patented Program to avoid puncture of Li battery PCBA*
• Overloading
• Load short circuit
• Over heating 
• Anti adverse current

*Puncture Li battery protection PCBA: Normally MPPT or PWM solar charge controller will puncture MoSFETs of protection PCBA inside of Li-ion battery pack when cut off the charger from Li-ion battery under full charging, because the output of voltage will soar huge instantly! Our patented programming and tech could avoid the voltage soar!

Multi-Stages Charging:

Bulk Charging
In that stage, the controller will deliver 100% solar power to charge battery. 

Absorption Charging
When the battery has been charged to absorption voltage point, constant-voltage regulation is used to maintain battery voltage at the absorption point, to prevent heating and excessive battery gassing. The battery is allowed to come to a full state of charging at the absorption voltage point. 

Float Charging
After battery is fully charged in the absorption stage, the MPPT controller reduces the battery voltage to the Float voltage point. The float stage provides a very low rate of maintenance charging while reducing the heating and gassing of a fully charged battery. The purpose of floating is to protect the battery from long-term over-charge. 

Equalize Stage
Equalize charging will start during period of 30 days. It will charge battery at a higher voltage  to active the battery, usually 30mins, depending on different battery type. Equalize charging will prolong battery lifetime.

Max input current 24A
Max input DC Power 48Vdc-2630W,60Vdc-3280W 72Vdc-3930W,96Vdc-5250W
Max Solar Charge Current 55A
Max. DC Input Voltage 240Vdc
MPPT Voltage 75V-240Vdc
Input Connection PG4(10mm2)
Output Power 5250W(max)
Battery information
Battery rated Voltage 48V/60V/72V/96V (settable)
discharging Stop Voltage 48Vdc:43.2Vdc,60Vdc:52.9Vdc, 72Vdc:64.8Vdc,96Vdc:84.6Vdc (Settable)
Floating Charge Voltage 12V:14V, 24V:28V,(charge stop vol.) 36V: 42V, 48V:56V(Settable)
MPPT Efficiency 99.9%
Ingress Protection IP20
Mechanical Data
Net/Gross Weight 2.5kg/3kg
Operating Temperature -20℃~+55℃

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MPPT Charge Controller 55A 48V60V72V96V Isc24A

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