Coordinated control of dozens on-Grid PV inverters in parallel

Now,more rooftop even ground solar plants are using dozens to hundreds of string on-Grid tie solar inverters in parallel to connect Grid at a common connection point. During the non-isolated/transformerless inverters in parallel, there is a direct coupling relationship between the inverter circuits, and distributed parameter impedance inside transmission lines. So that solar PV systems with many on-Grid inverters in parallel forms a complex high-order circuit,which may cause abnormal operation even system resonate. The cause of resonance is the existence of uncertain resonance points in the high-order circuit. The independence and randomness of the output of each inverter causes uncertainty in the harmonic frequency and amplitude. When the harmonic frequency is located near the resonance point, the harmonics Waves are amplified to create resonance. Therefore, coordinated control of inverters in parallel is required.

Our patented control method of on-grid tie solar inverters is by corresponding ePWM coordinated with Grid Voltage over-zero signal, which costs less with higher efficiency.

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On Grid solar inverter 60KW 6MPPTs IEC VDE certified

On Grid solar inverter 60KW 6MPPTs IEC VDE certified

This string inverter 60kw 3phase 380V-440Vac is On Grid also known as Grid tied or Grid connected solar inverter, it converts solar DC power(up to 60KW) generated by photovoltaic panels under sunshine to AC power and synchronize the AC power with electrical Grid, so that the power could supply appliances at first and then feed surplus power to utility Grid to get subsidy or reduce electricity bill by FiT(Feed in tariff) policy or net-metering policy issued by your government:If your place is"On Grid" meaning that you get traditional power resources, and your government or the Grid company could buy your power generated by solar panels, you can use solar power to supplement or entirely offset your traditional utilities. These systems powered by Sun are usually called "On Grid" or "Grid Tie" power systems. When you install your solar power electric system,you can tie it into your traditional electricity meter using a grid tie inverter, or called on-Grid inverter. As you generate power, your solar system automatically detracts from your own electricity meter/your bill.If your solar system produces more electricity than your home actually needs, it can be automatically sold, often at cost prices, to the utility company further offsetting your costs (depending on the policies of your local utility and municipality) of going solar. Using a solar grid tie to grid interface will not only help you offset utility bills, but you also avoid costly batteries and systems that you would need to hold the excess power you are generating.Grid Tie/On Grid Inverters Convert DC to AC: Grid tie inverters are a core equipment to your solar panel electric system.Grid tie inverters convert DC power generated by solar into AC power used by most domestic electrical devices and your grid tie power inverter will do the same, pumping AC electricity back into the electric "Grid" and offsetting your power consumption and bill.On Grid Solar Inverters Simplify and Reduce Costs: A solar grid tie inverter system is very simpler and less costly than off-grid solar inverter systems that must need batteries. A grid tie inverter system essentially consists of just 4 major components in addition to wiring: solar panel array, solar panel mounts, the grid tie inverter itself, and overcurrent protection (fuses, combiners boxes, and disconnects). With solar grid string inverter technologies from Emerson, CoHeart China has been developing On Gird solar PV inverter since 2011 and now we have 3rd generation 250W-60KW on grid string inverter without fans at highest efficiency! Patented topology and structure design make the grid string inverter robust on Grid adaptability under harsh environment! Best grid tie inverter choice special for bad Grid connection! Register now to get best price of the 60kw on grid string inverter, and 60kw solar power system cost by checking related solar panels and accessories on our store!string inverter 60kw Features:Transformerless with Three Level topologyMax efficiency 99%6MPPTs with wide input voltage rangeCompact structure No-Fan Design !string inverter 60kw Flexibility:Built-in 0-Export by setting on itRain proof, dust proof aluminum alloy case (IP65)Easy installation and free maintenanceRS485/WiFi/GPRS (optional) monitoringFree Online upgradingSet all on larger LCD display!Solar Grid string inverter 60kw Reliability:Reliable protection for over/under voltage, anti-islanding,short circuit,overload, ISO detect, RCD detect, over-heating etc.5-years quality warranty ..