What's the Difference between on Grid inverter and Off Grid inverter?

Basically, inverter converts the DC (Direct Current) power source into AC (Alternating Current). On Grid or Grid Tie inverters are inverters that you can connect directly to the power outlet or Grid. Yes, your house will have two different power sources, and it will not explode. There's a micro-controller inside that synchronizes the generated power to the utility Grid. You cannot do that in regular inverter or Off Grid inverters. If you will connect the Off Grid inverter to the Grid lines, the inverter will be DAMAGED and might cause injuries and fire because it is not designed to sync the generated power to the Grid. Hybrid Off Grid Inverters also known as Grid Tie Inverters with battery backup are simply a combination of On Grid inverter and Off-Grid inverters but with MPPT solar charge controller to charge batteries. Here's the differences between these 3 types of inverters:

 On Grid or Grid Tied inverterOff Grid inverter

Hybrid On Grid inverter

AC InYesNoneYes*
AC OutNoneYesYes*
Grid power is required for grid synchronizationYesNoYes
Shuts down when the grid is downYesNoNo**
Anti-Islanding ProtectionYesNoYes
Energizes loads during grid failure (black out)NoYesNo
Connected directly to the power outletYesNoYes (AC In or AC Terminal)
Feeds all generated power to the grid lineYesNoNo (Feeds surplus power only)

Local electric company buys excess or surplus power

Overload ProtectionNoYesYes**
Inverter CostHighLowVery High
Full Setup CostLowVery HighHigh
Grid BillingYesNoneYes

 * Connect the AC In or AC Terminal to the power outlet or grid line while AC Out on your appliances
** Critical loads only

Hybrid On Grid solar system Diagram:

On Grid or Grid Tie Solar PV system:

Off Grid Solar PV system:

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On Grid or called Grid Tied Grid connect solar inverter convert solar DC power to normal AC power, then supply loads at first and feed surplus(if any) the power to utility electricity Grid to get FiT or Net-metering from Grid companies or your government. CoHeart has been developing On-Gird solar PV inverters since 2011 and now we have 3rd generation 250W-20KW without fans at highest efficiency! Patented topology and structure design with robust Grid adaptability! Best choice special for bad Grid !Features:Transformerless with Three Level topologyMax.efficiency 98.2%.Dual MPPT with wide input voltage rangeCompact structure No-Fan Design !Flexibility:Rain/Dust proof Aluminum-alloy case (IP65)Easy installation and free maintenanceRS485/WiFi/GPRS (optional) monitoringSet all on larger LCD display!Reliability:Reliable protection for over/under voltage, anti-islanding,short circuit,overload, ISO detect, RCD detect, over-heating etc.5-years quality warranty ..