Glad to launch New Solar Pump VFD and IP65 All-in-One inverters!!!

As promised in 2020, now we are glad to notice we launched New Solar Pump VFD with IPM(intelligent power module) and IP65 All-in-One solar pump inverters 2.2KW-30KW! (IP54 45-90KW available too)
Solar Pump VFD with IPM(intelligent power module): IPM is more than IGBT module and not only intergrating IGBT with other components like drives but improve system performance and energy efficiency by delivering increased power density. At better whole VFD costs!

IP65 All-in-One solar pump inverter: Besides IP65 water/dust proof, they are built in MC4 PV connectors, Solar multi-breaker, fuses, surge protectors, PV booster(for 2.2kw), MPPT circuit, optional AC input, optional GPRS monitoring, full aluminium heat sink, etc.

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