100pcs 5KW on-Grid solar inverter shipped to Americas

Recently, we shipped 100pcs 5kw on-Grid solar inverters to Americas for L-L 220Vac Grid connections! With years sampling,testing and help from Brazil/Mexico/Chile/Peru customers, we solved problems caused by differences between Americas L-L power Grid and L-N 220Vac electricity Grid, for long time stable high-efficient Grid-connection working!

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On Grid Solar inverter 5KW 1phase 220Vac

On Grid Solar inverter 5KW 1phase 220Vac

On Grid,Grid Tie, Grid connected solar inverter convert solar DC power to normal AC power, then supply loads at first and feed surplus(if any) the power to utility electricity Grid to get FiT or Net-metering from Grid companies or your government. CoHeart has been developing On-Gird solar PV inverters since 2011 and now we have 3rd generation 250W-20KW without fans at highest efficiency! Patented topology and structure design with robust Grid adaptability! Best choice special for bad Grid !Features:Patented topology, patented structureFull Die-casting molded Aluminum bodyMax.efficiency 98.4%Dual MPPT with input voltage 70-600VFree monitoring, remote online troubleshootingAI Self-study complicated Grid for best proformanceFlexibility:Weather proof molded Aluminum case (IP65)Easy installation and free maintenanceRS485/WiFi/GPRS (optional) monitoringLocal WiFi monitoring+setting without internetReliability:Reliable protection for over/under voltage, anti-islanding,short circuit,overload, ISO detect, RCD detect, over-heating etc.5-years quality warranty, optional 8-10years! ..